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Greenhouses are used all around the world to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers faster. Inside a greenhouse several key factors must be permanently monitored compared to outdoor growing, such as:

  • Air ventilation
  • Heating management, temperature must be controlled inside the greenhouse to avoid burning plants
  • Water management
  • Quality of air, you can for example be expose to carbon dioxide enrichment problem
  • Light management, light can be natural, artificial or both

So all the infrastructures have to be carefully studied to grow plants easily. Kaiteki Institute wished to work with Deprofundis to run a study defining what would be the interesting solutions for greenhouses cooling system and energy management, in South East Asia.

Project Description

The study focused on India, Thailand and Malaysia, by comparison with methodologies applied in Japan.

We notice several changes in term of food consumption in these countries. People are more and more interested by fresh vegetables, and fruits such as spinach, tomato, strawberry… which are not growing naturally, locally, due to the specific climate conditions. Indeed, all the yearlong these countries face up to intensive heat and high humidity level. Moreover, as plane transportation creates really high cost, greenhouses farming seems to be the good solutions to answer market needs.

Deprofundis realized another study focused on Turkey, climatic conditions are less humid than in South East Asia, but heat is similar. Thus water management becomes a key point. Markets needs are similar to South East Asia.

greenhouse energy system deprofundis

Greenhouse Energy Cycle in Japan


  • Food consumption market study in the designated countries
  • Greenhouses technologies currently used analysis.
  • Study and simulation of internal temperature and humidity
  • Necessary cooling energy consumption, water, and lights, calculations
  • Impact of roof shading
  • Ventilation analysis
  • Cooling technology selection depending on each situation and model definition
  • Costs analysis (running / investment)
  • Amortization and useful life cycle

Greenhouses Deprofundis models

Standard Greenhouse Infrastructure