Technical Excellence

Projects about renewable energies are demanding and require advanced optimization in order to reach profitability. Such a project can suffer drastic changes from inappropriate approximations. We pay extra attention to the correctness of our starting assumptions, as well as the validity domain of our models and formulas. All our calculations are double checked by two different qualified persons, and critical parts are designed twice using different methods in order to have the best understanding of the physics at stake.

Respect of the Environment

Before any project on thermal energy production, a preliminary study is carried out regarding the energy needs : can we decrease the initial demand? The solution is always a combination of appropriate technologies and good consumption behaviors. Our group has deep environmental values and we do our best to reduce our impact on the environment. Deprofundis uses low consumption devices, supports recycling, public transports, modern communication means and already uses digital data storing in order to limit paper consumption.

Impact Assessment

DeProfundis pays extra attention to its impact on the environment. We aim at providing efficient solutions to energy-related questions and anticipating the future changes, may they be social or/and environmental ones. In order to do so, we watch over performance indicators emblematic of the company’s economical and technical progress. They allow us to monitor the influence of the company over the natural and human environment created within its members.

Transparency and Responsibility

DeProfundis members have access to everything that the direction processes. This includes data considered confidential by many companies and its sharing implies coherence and goodness within the members’ community. Transparence is key at DeProfundis to set a trusting work-environment.

 More precisely, we stick to the following strategies :

  • Use of digital documents as much as we can, and we only print the final version of a document, with recycled paper, as far as possible.
  • We perform simplified Carbon footprint assessments (Bilans carbones®) on certain missions that we have so as to limit our environmental impact.
  • Teamwork involving a foreign company implies extensive use of distance communication tools such as Skype, or emails.
  • We use public transportation and bicycles as much as possible.
  • All the employees have the necessary qualifications and operate in a pleasant working environment.