Japan-French Cooperation on projects in Africa

On 4th of July 2016, Deprofundis was invited by the French Embassy to take part into an event leading to the TICAD-6.


jpfrWe had the chance to talk to several african countries ambassadors inviting projects, large japanese and french corporations looking at building or financing infrastructures or activities, and officials explaining the different schemes available.

M. Louis Schweitzer

Deprofundis recognize that African infrastructure is in dire needs of ecological and economical solutions. We believe that SWAC system can and should power air-conditioning in several locations, where shores are close to deep waters.

We are currently in talks with a number of interested parties in order to help the emergence of SWAC projects. SWAC makes especially sense in Africa as cooling needs are increasing rapidly.

Do contact us would you be considering SWAC for your building, or as an investment vehicle.