Bruno Garnier’s first approach on SWAC technologies

2005 - SWAC Technology Discovery

In 2005, Bruno had to do a technical study of the SWAC project for the new Hospital of Papeete as he was working for the French Polynesian Minister of Energy. Passionate about the technology under study, Bruno was skeptical about its potential to reach profitability, given the costs induced.


Shortly after, he worked with Ifremer (French Institute of Research for sea exploitation) in order to find possible optimizations for such a system. The producers of the French TV program Thalassa got interested by this project and made a footage out of it in 2007

thalassa SWAC deprofundis polynesie francaise

2007 - Thalassa Documentary

ICOE 2008 - The triggering factor

During the International Conference on Ocean Energies (ICOE 2008), the committee selected Bruno Garnier’s report on medium sized buildings’ SWAC systems for an oral presentation.

This presentation was further quoted by the 2008 OES-IEA report, which is an  intergovernmental collaboration established by the International Energy Agency based in Paris.
Company Foundation
2008-2010 : Research phase and the first prototype

First Prototype - Bourget Lake - France

Documentary by  TV8 MontBlanc

First techno-economic feasibility studies

This prototype allowed us to confirm our theoretical expectations, and to realize to some extent the technical difficulties that are to be encountered in real implementations.

As a result, a press conference gave us more attention from the media (France 3, L’expansion, but also Euronews, …), and we also were approached by some commercial contracts. For instance, we had an offer for a SWAC study in the Male Airport (Pacific Ocean) in the context of an joint bid with ADPi.

This period of time witnessed the layout of a business structure with an official definition of the key issues and financial scenari, along with a strategy for human resources and commercial development.

First Relocation

The company moves at the 53 Avenue Victor Hugo, Clichy, (France), and is now registered in Nanterre. The first commercial contracts are started in 2011, thanks to several agreements, with important corporations. These studies are about SWAC technologies or about renewable energies.

2011- Activity Growth

Our expertise on thermal energies brought our assiociates altogether to work on related problems, and expand DeProfundis’ activities on new markets. The production of non-electric energy is hard to carry on for most of the usual specialized research labs because they simultaneously trigger various physics, making the computation and modelisation more difficult.

Besides, our project requires accurate study of energy consumptions. Consequently, we have developed skills on thermal&electric consumption assessments, and we now offer studies on total energy consumption and ways to reduce it. By expanding our horizons to larger areas, we are now involved in preliminary design missions linking energies, local ressources and potential clients over different scales.

2012 - A step forward

DeProfundis started to move on the market in early 2012, on both commercial&financial issues with partners. A collaboration between DeProfundis and important corporations allow us to benefit from regular offers and several interesting opportunities. The financial structure is now open to new investors, and some have already manifested (still under negociation). This is crucial to us as some partnerships allow us to deploy our skills on different markets and geographic locations.

July 2012 - 2nd Relocation

Our case got the attention of the people in charge of the CleanTech facility, which offers housing for small businesses, in Paris, and the company moved to the 48 rue René Clair. This new stimulating environment is more emblematic of our goals, described down below.

July 2015 - 3rd Relocation

Deprofundis left the nest and move in Saint-Denis new office.

deprofundis offices