Customer :

Key Figures:
1 to 5 MW : target cooling power
1100 km of coast studied

Performance :
Direct customers’ prospecting
Guidance for feasibility
80% reduction of energy costs to produce air conditioning


In areas where the network is stressed (island, developing countries …), every means able to decrease electricity demand are investigated. Morocco and Corsica Island are willing to develop renewable energy projects. Sea Water Air Conditioning is a good way to reduce energy consumption.

The particular case of the Mediterranean sea (with a constant 13°C below its thermocline) make the Mediterranean SWAC different from classical tropical SWAC.

Project Description

An installation SWAC depends on a multitude of criteria. The objective is to have an exhaustive list of these criteria and to classify them to be able to determine if a site is technically convenient to receive a SWAC system.

Advanced bibliographical researches allowed to rule on each of the criteria. A coherent scale of notation of these criteria was proposed and locations are then organized into a hierarchy.

The depiction appears in the form of a map. Then EDF or coastal public administrations would be able to localize strategic spot to implant a SWAC system and prospect for customers.

mediterranean sea swac project deprofundis


A determining criteria list for a SWAC installation was raised : for example the deep bathymetry, the thermal gradient, the environmental requirements… A mark is attributed to every criterion then the criteria are balanced according to their importance. All the coastline is studied and the sites are ranked according to their mark.

The result is a map enlightening the most favorable sites for receiving a
SWAC system.


Customers’ prospection can start based on these results.
First Mediterranean SWAC.