Customer :

Oseo – The French Innovation Agency

Key Figures:
Number of major Alpines lakes: 30
Buildings with potential cooling needs in 2 French lakes: 194
Prospects interviewed : 87

Low-cost SWAC in lakes specifically designed for smaller surfaces and lakes environments will allow short pay-back periods, and improve the
environment in alpine communities.


The important urban communities close to European lakes enticed us to assess the technical challenges of lake systems, to build a prototype and to investigate market size and condition.

Deprofundis has developed a number of proprietary technologies allowing SWAC systems to be profitable even at very limited scales.

Project Description

Deprofundis led a 3-pronged effort to assess the potential in Alpine Lakes:

  • Assessment of the temperature gradient and bathymetry of a number of lakes
  • Quantification and qualification of buildings in a close radius in 2 lakes
  • Extension of the study to lakes in neighboring European countries


The study looked at the physical characteristics of the lakes, in order to assess feasibility. Based on the results of the prototype the study defined the potential application area. We assessed the presence or absence of obstacles between lakes and buildings. Cooling needs and surfaces have been calculated.

Many interviews allowed to measure and study the needs and the interest in the potential solutions for local population.


The study showed a strong and growing interest into renewable cooling solutions, a sizable market and technically available solutions.