Engie (GDF – Suez)

Key figures :
5 000 tons  coprah oil produced per year
10 millions €: annual subsidy given for coprah oil porduction


In Polynesian Island, coprah harvest or dried coconut, is a very important farming activity, around 10 000 tons are collected each year.

Then coprah is sent to Tahiti ( between 200 and 2000 km in function of the different islands) in order to be squeezed to get oil. Oil is mainly dedicated to exportation.

Besides, we can noticed that huge quantities of fuel are imported, to supply power plant.

Project Description

Coprah oil can be use as fuel to supply power plant. Thus it seems to be interested to squeezed coprah on site and avoid fuel transportion from overseas. Then coprah oil could be used directly into electric generator.

The goal of the study is to validate the hypothesis relevance according to:

  • implementation techniques,
  • financial and regulatory aspect,
  • disruption potentially involved by a new production method for the islands

french polynesia cocnut oil study deprofundis


The study given to French Polynesian government will allow them to estimate  possibilities of new renewable energy policies setting-up.