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Key Figures:
Lyon Confluence
150 ha under rehabilitation
100 000 m2 : total building program


As part of  Lyon peninsula rehabilitation program, an architecture competition was organized by Lyon city, to build an Energy-Plus building produces more energy from renewable energy sources, over the course of a year, than it imports from external sources (including shops, housing, and offices).

In partnership with architect, promoter, and project team, Deprofundis  was in charge of renewable energy. The goal of Lyon Confluence project is “zero energy” from now to 2030. Innovation must stimulate energetic performances. Lyon Confluence wish to be “the example to follow ” for the whole city, and to reach the climate plan goals established.

Project Description

The though of building represents a symbol of Lyon area commitment in term of renewable energy and innovation.

The building consist of :

  • a solar co-generation concentrated system (combined heat and power)
  • a package of oleaginous seaweed culture
  • a bio-fuel tri-generation, a system using simultaneously electrical, mechanical, thermal, energies