Our consulting expertise is based on deep technical renewable energies knowledge and Strategic project management experiences. All our studies aim at designing a solution which promotes energy efficiency, profitability, and the use & creation of renewable resources.


We offer on a global scale the following services :

Renewable Energies Systems

Renewable energies management, energy systems planning, energy master planning: thermal and electrical renewable energy systems design, development, project management, construction management, potential studies, O&M improvements, master planning at all levels: buildings/area/city/region.

Energy Efficiency

Control & assessment of the Environmental impact : Greenhouse Gases emissions accounting (certified Carbon footprint assessment), reduction of the energy consumption, corporate image and policy management.

Environmental Impact

Strategic planning : Full life Cycle assessment and design, strategic implementation and compliance to environmental certifications.

Project Risk Management

Climate change anticipation :  Master plan for environmental management, given predictable and noticeable climate change.

Transaction Services

Alternative energy project management, M&A, Air Conditioning, decentralized energy generation and more