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centre hospitalier universitaire de la reunion swac deprofundis

University Affiliated Hospital – Reunion Island

Key Figures:
5,8 MWth cooling power
22 GWhth cold
5,4 saved electric GWh

Reduction by 80% of the electrical cooling consumption.
Deletion of the sanitary risk legionnaires’ disease.
Outsourcing of its cooling production.
Reduction of the power failure risk.


The Reunion Island region makes the energy efficiency a priority. Needs for air conditioning systems are significantly developing and represent half of the electric consumption of the tertiary activity. The thalasso-thermal technology (Sea Water Air Conditioning: SWAC ) is a process which allows the substitution of almost all of the electrical energy by the heat energy of seas.

SWAC deprofundis la reunionProject Description

The Saint-Pierre Hospital (South Reunion) wishes to welcome a pilot-plant of SWAC. Due to its localization and its high demand in fresh air, the Hospital turns out to be a favorable location for a successful Sea Water Air Conditioning installation. This has to be the showcase for EDF which will allow to answer its concept of SWAC.

The study supplies all the necessary information for the investment decision. It includes technical elements such as diagram flow process, material description, architecture and connection charts, installation plans, calculation handbook and financial documents such as suppliers consultations and permitting study.


The following points were studied:

  • Rebuilding of the cooling demand.
  • Design of the SWAC installation.
  • Creation of the building procedures – onshore and offshore.
  • Redaction of the tenders.

One of the main point of this study is the SWAC connection to an existing cooling network.

During the study, the island context was precisely take into account, requesting a maximum use of local resources and task forces. Moreover dialogue with the local authorities (city hall, marina) for the local construction sites was also established.


Investment currently under decision.