DeProfundis is specialised in SWAC systems (Sea Water Air Conditionning). These innovative systems have an extraordinary potential but are underused : only a handful of these systems are operated around the world. Now that technical feasibility has been proved, our goal is to make it profitable and to expand this market. This is in line with the growing demand for energy efficiency. Islands in warm/tropical climates are especially concerned by the virtues of sea water air conditioning as this represent a large amount of their electrical consumption, and because usually electricity production means are expansive (coal, oil,…).

If you wish to get more familiar with the idea of SWAC or with our solutions, or if you simply wish to understand the differences between the first generation and what we call SWAC 2.0, you can access more information with the following links :

SWAC : Principle

DeProfundis : SWAC 2.0

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