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Innovative and Ecological Technology


 A combination of various technologies for durable solutions

What We Do

Deprofundis is specialised in SWAC systems ecological air conditioning technology using cold water.

The group also offers consulting services to analyse the energy consumption of a given building or larger area and then bring various solutions thanks to renewable energies.

Why We Are Different

Deprofundis pays extra attention to its impact on the environment. We aim at providing efficient solutions to energy-related issues and anticipating the future social issues and climate change.

The ethic goal of our group is closely related to environmental concerns, which are at the core of our values, shared by everyone in the company.

Customers Benefits

Deprofundis focus on technological excellence. Consultants have a deep expertise in renewable energies.
SWAC system is environmentally friendly. Its saves energy consumption from 80 to 90% compared to regular AC systems. The group developed and registered several patents to reduce costs of SWAC implementation.

They trust us :